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Ultraviolet(UV) Camera
Backside Illuminated sCMOS Camera

Designed with the state-of-art backside illuminated scientific CMOS technology,

GSENSE2020BSI is a 4 Megapixel sensor with 6.5μm pixel size, featuring 94% quantum efficiency

and a readout noise of less than 1.2e- with correlated multi-sampling (CMS). Ideal for bio-imaging, life science, astronomy and scientific imaging.

  • Resolution 2048 × 2048

  • Pixel size 6.5μm × 6.5μm

  • Photosensitive area 13.3mm × 13.3mm

  • Shutter type Rolling shutter with global reset

  • Full well charge 54ke-

  • Dynamic range 90dB @ HDR

  • Quantum efficiency 94% @ 550nm​

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