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Real-Time Super-Resolution Microscopy System
SRRF-Stream’ is a NEW real time super-resolution microscopy functionality that operates exclusively on Andor’s iXon Life and iXon Ultra EMCCD cameras.
  • Real Time – enhanced workflow, avoids post-processing. View in ‘Live Mode’.

  • Low Excitation Intensities (mW-W/cm2) – prolonged live cell observations and accurate physiology.

  • Conventional Fluorophores, e.g. GFP – simple labelling, no photo-switching required.

  • Live Cell Dynamics – full FOV super-res images every 1-2 secs. > 10 fps using ROI.

  • Cost-Effective – convert conventional fluorescence microscopes to super-resolution microscopes.



Clathrin Pits



Observational Capabilities of SRRF-Stream

  • Elucidation of protein structure analysis at a sub-organelle level

  • Tracking of single molecules inside cells

  • Using this tracking to gain insight into individual molecular machinery underpinning cellular physiology

  • With this new information, update models of cell function

Applications of SRRF-Stream

  • Membrane fusion involving individual SNARE protein machinery

  • Dynamic changes of and within synaptic vesicles

  • Dendritic spines reformation due to synaptic plasticity and learning

  • Signal transduction processes and cell-to-cell communication and differentiation

Microscopy for Multi-positions, Multi-channels, Z-stacks and Time-series acquisition.
XY Motorised Stages
TTL Device Controller
  • High-speed TTL Device Controller for hardware synchronization

Microscope Light Sources
and PC Workstation with Micro-Manager ver.1.4.xx Software


“SRRF: Universal live-cell super-resolution microscopy” (DOI 10.1016/j.biocel.2018.05.014)


NanoJ-SRRF & SRRF-Stream: Fast Live-Cell Conventional Fluorophore Super-Resolution for Most Modern Microscopes

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