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Ultra fast Multi-camera System
  • Maximum compactness: smallest form factor cameras and compact connectors allow closest sensor-to-sensor proximity

  • Aggregation into one high bandwidth upstream (up to 64Gbit/s)

  • Full utilization of PCIe architecture with point to point connection and direct memory access

  • Use of standard components allow simple assembly for the creation of a custom platform

  • No need for external or additional expansion backplanes

  • Support for Windows, Linux and MacOS

  • Multiple reference instances of the xSWITCH already available 

  • Board shape can be tailored precisely to application requirements

  • Benefit from XIMEA´s unique experience and expertise in the field of PCIe


  • Connect multiple cameras to a single PC

  • Select from wide range of sensor resolutions and frame rates

  • Combine housed and board level camera types 

  • Choice of different number of PCIe lanes and PCIe standards
    (2, 4, 8 lanes / Gen2 or Gen3)

  •  Choice of various connectors: flat-flex option, board to board or iPass

  • Choose between flat-flex connectors with vertical or horizontal orientation

  • Bridge small or large distances of >100 m by selecting copper cable or optical fiber cable














Multi camera system (MCS) utilization Fields and Applications
  • Ultra-fast 3D scanning

  • Face recognition, FACS scanning, Eye Tracking, Body scanner, People counting

  • 360 Panorama (360° spherical, cyclorama imaging), Photogrammetry, Videogrammetry

  • Electronics, Photovoltaics, portable medical devices

  • Miniature and accurate robotic arms

  • Industrial and Factory Automation, Machine Vision

  • Broadcasting and Instant replays

  • Rapid process capturing, e.g. golf club swings, ping pong, baseball, tennis

  • High definition Motion capture, Cinematography and Entertainment

  • Solar panel inspection, Semiconductor wafer scanning

  • Sports Automation & Motion Tracking: soccer, football, basketball, hockey

  • Alignment and Assembly, Stereo camera systems

  • VR and AR - Virtual and Augmented reality

  • Flat panel display (FPD) inspection

  • HMC (Head mounted camera)

  • 3D Mapping, GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

  • Autonomous self-driving vehicles, ADAS, Deep learning tasks

  • Defect detection, Print and Film scanning, Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS)

  • Persistent stadium and border high-end security

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) examination

  • Aerial or city/street mapping (UAV / UAS - drones)

  • Outdoor imaging - Wide area motion imaging and surveillance

  • ideal for LoLa (Low Latency audio visual streaming system)

USB3 vs PCIe Integration Solution

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